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Spanish Classes And Private Lessons


Spanish is one of the easier languages to learn because it already has so much in common with English. This means that the raw beginner can easily find some common ground to stand on between the two languages and it also helps Spanish not to feel completely distant and strange when you first make contact with it.

There's A Broad Base Of Familiarity Between English And Spanish

An easy example to show you exactly what I mean would be take English words ending in "ible" or "able". These are all essentially the same in both the Spanish and English languages, there's just a difference in pronunciation and a slight change in how you spell them. In fact, as I wrote that last sentence I noticed the "pronunciation", well, most English words ending in "ion" such as 'pronunciation' or 'information' are also the same in Spanish.

I hope you're starting to get the picture. There are actually about 2000 - 3000 of these kinds of words which are highly similar between the two languages. It's a great place to start and where I typically begin with students during my Spanish lessons. In fact, you can even check out my Spanish lessons YouTube channel here for more or watch this sample from my learn Spanish series

Or else try something from Harvard!

From there it's all about building up your understanding of how the language is structured and at every point reinforcing that with solid examples, the lessons will require you to do a lot of 'thinking it out for yourself' if I can put it that way! It's really the only way to make some real progress. After all, where you're in a foreign country and you need to communicate to the locals in real life situations you probably aren't going to have your textbooks or your language teacher to hold your hand right? That's why it's so important that you learn to do it all for yourself. When the pressure is on later, you'll thank me for it.

Structure Vs Words & Vocabulary

It's good for all students to separate the learning of structure and verbs in Spanish from that of learning words or vocabulary. Increasing the amount of Spanish words you know is something which should be dealt with once you've learned structure and verbs. It's kind of the finishing touch.

Well, I look forward to teaching you Spanish!